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Sep 28, 2020

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Laycon Laycon Laycon

How the fuck did he get there?

“We just wanted to promote his music, we only thought he’d last one week” Says Scarlet Gomez Lie! Big lie!

It’s no news we had a winner from last nights announcement. A big winner, not a 20 or 30% difference. Laycon 60%, Dorathy a rough of 21%, Nengi 15% and others share the rest left.

If you don’t know what i am talking about. Maybe you aren’t from this part of the world. Maybe Jupiter or something. Sha lemme tell you, this place we don’t hide secrets we tell everything you need to know. This was a result from BBnaija Season 5.

20 people were housed at the begining and only 5 made it to the finals and one emerged the winner. Why and why should Laycon be the Winner of all people?

Before you start giving comments on how good, charming and self disciplined he was. Yeah all of that had virtue as important to his winning but No!

Infact i can make mention of someone who did it better and more effectively.

Take Dorathy for instance, aside from my full chest everything she was a good girl to the best. I can’t point to anyone she had a disagreement with. So cool and loving to be with. You could see her reaction when the winner was announced! Heard once she was into charity or some sort though Yet to confirm this statement as true. But when she came in the house she was all about giving confidence to plus sized women. Damn! A niche. She found a niche and People fell in love with her!

You want to know why Laycon won?

He had a Cult! A big bad one! How many of you reading this article are ICONS? I can guess if you aren’t one you’d definitely have 6 of your 10 friends who are loyalists. That guy has marketing in his head.

Think of any successful Winner. Past or Alive has a tribe. Not fans but Tribe. They have a name, they have an identity. Something they can call themselves and people will feel proud to be identified as.

Dorathy had this at first. When she started the “My full chest” campaign. People resonated with her. She stood for the Plus sized community, a community that needed attention and nurture but it wasn’t sooner she changed focused

Again, think of any WinKing or WinQueen that ever made a hit that didn’t or don’t have a tribe?

I’d start from “Streets” Olamide that many other artistes have picked up, “30BG” A tribe you’d identify with Davido and there’s a very popular one “Marlians" This guys are so serious with their tribe thing that they have a national item, code of conduct, dress code and also universal haircut. Sounds like an Cult right? Yes it is

As a business owner, you need to have a cult. Customers that would talk and advertise free for you. If you don’t have? I promise you’d have a less successful business. I meant it when I said 'need' it’s not a necessity it’s a must have.

I was amazed we didn’t realise we created an app for the WinKing Laycon when we launched an App to our Staffs⁰ at FutureX. It was an app that automatically sent “Laycon to 32052" Dial the start button and you have 100 messages sent in a splitsec. That’s how powerful we made the app.

Oh! We voted. I know ICONS who didn’t spend a dime during the show but they made sure everyone who didn’t know BBnaija know Laycon and become an ICON. That’s it!

That’s what you need for your business if you really want to grow something meaningful and stop hustling from one WhatsApp status to the other.

You need a cult, I can’t overemphasise it

If all is going down, no sales or anything. You call your Tribe, your Cult and you see magic happen (in falz voice)

Even Churches have Cults! Reedemers, Winners, Methodists, Catholics all are Cultists! Yes I said so And when I say cults I don’t mean “Cults" as you have grown to know.

I mean people who see themselves as one, ready to fend and help eachother intimes of need and you can be sure to get shelter.

I can’t count times when it’s to late to drive i hop into a mosque and greet “salam haleikum” and i am accommodated. A Tribe, a family, where everyone is seen as one. NB: Not Fans!

I can attribute 90% of Laycon success to his tribe. Because without them nothing would happen

The next Question is

How do I be a Laycon?

How Do I Own A Tribe?

Amazing thing is once you know your problem. The rest of it is sorted. Now you know why you have poor sales and it’s because you don’t have tribe. Now get up and get a tribe. In everything you do in business,get a tribe.

Here we are the WinKings and Queens. I’d keep providing you more informations on how to become better as an entrepreneur.

Maybe after this write up, I’d write a book on “How to win BB Naija” cause I am feeling myself.

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