Ideas don’t come out fully formed until you’ve worked on them

Mark Zuckerberg CEO and Founder of Facebook

Today, I want to tell you an interesting story. A story you’ve probably never heard before. And if you do. You are a good bet to my next visit to Silverbirds Galaria…

Time really does it. What do you do when you wake up in the morning, Like the very first thing?… I think i can guess and it’s really dominant.

You could say you pray or do something else. That’s good but for over a year now i have watched myself…

How the fuck did he get there?

“We just wanted to promote his music, we only thought he’d last one week” Says Scarlet Gomez Lie! Big lie!

It’s no news we had a winner from last nights announcement. A big winner, not a 20 or 30% difference. Laycon 60%, Dorathy…

You could be failing, everything might be going just be going under. Harder

Grant Win

Intrapreneur Writer and Teacher

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